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Artificial grass has proven itself as a feasible solution in sports facilities such as football fields, having so many advantages that its use has sometimes completely overrun that of real grass. In the golf sector, these surfaces are common in practice areas and sport schools because of its quick installation and its easy and cheap maintenance.

Artificial grass allows to play sports in a perfect field even under the worst weather conditions, so sports clubs can maximize the use of their facilities and avoid cancellations or delays.

Practical benefits are undeniable, but football players who have not yet played frequently in these surfaces may need to be persuaded of how nice synthetic grass feels.

Artificial grass has earned its place in the football world. UEFA gave the green light to play in artificial fields the matches for UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup and the classifications for the World Cup and European Champion's Cup.

Golf is starting to use artificial grass on its fields.
Artificial grass is mostly spread on soccer fields.
Other sports such as tennis or paddle tennis do benefit from artificial grass.