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Besides the undeniable benefits that artificial grass offers to the sports world, there are other areas where this material can be very useful.

The decorative use of artificial grass helps a sustainable and environmentally friendly urban development.

Certain urban areas such as parks, gardens, public and private facilities, are some of the places where artificial grass is nowadays essential, mainly in dry regions. Its introduction has a clear ecological component, since it saves great quantities of water.

Cutting-edge artificial grass used in sports as demanding as football, are the perfect and practical alternative for gardens, cottages, pool beaches, city squares, road medians, etc.

Individuals can also benefit from these products, showing a perfect grass no matter the season of the year. It can be the solution for shadowed areas, terrace roofs, pools...

The use in gardens and urban areas is growing thanks to its easy maintenance.
The use of artificial grass in public works is spreading due t its advantages.
There are other uses such as hotel receptions, playgrounds, etc.